A letter to 2019 me

My Darling Chloe,

This year, you will prove that when things make you unhappy, you have the power to change them. At the start of the year, you’ll be feeling anxious, working in your retail job, in constant threat of redundancy, moving further and further away from your career goals. You’ll put so much pressure on yourself that you’ll be left thinking “what did I go to uni for?”, “Is it too late?” “Had too much time passed, to get back into the marketing industry?”. *

But just know that change is in the air, and that change happens because you have faith in yourself. You’ll trust your gut and realise that your job is at risk and do something about it. Just for a second, you’ll have faith in yourself and your capabilities. You’ll revaluate and think about how best to demonstrate your skills and you’ll put yourself out there for the world to see. You’ll go to interviews and stay up until 3am preparing for just about everything and anything they could throw at you. 

You’ll land the job you’ve been dreaming of, for so long – Marketing Assistant, and not only that, but you’ll land it at an organisation where you can truly be yourself. 

This change will test you though, it will bring highs and lows and it’ll be hard to adjust. But you’ll open up and let people in and people will begin to know and like you for you. You’ll prove yourself wrong and you’ll throw yourself into new and exciting situations, experiences and tasks like it’s nobodies business. Just know that every niggle of doubt you had telling you “you can’t do this”, you will overcome. 

In 2019 you’ll compare your life to others’, and although you might not have accomplished as much as them, or done all of the things you’d hoped you would by now. Just know, this year you’ll make life-changing decisions and progress in your career that you thought might never happen, and that’s all because you made a conscious decision to believe in yourself. To others this might seem small, but in 2019 you’ll decide to be happy, and for you my dear that means great things.

So in 2019 just have faith in yourself and believe in what you’re capable of. And 2019 will prove to you that great things can happen when you do. 

Future Chloe
(aka one badass bitch)


*Just a bit of background info for those that don’t know, I studied Media, Marketing and Communications at uni, and really loved it. I’m super creative and love designing things. I had so many aspirations at uni and got myself a Marketing Assistant internship at a small marketing agency straight outta uni and I was so pleased and ready to take on the world. 
I loved my internship, I was finally putting all those things that I learnt at uni and college into practice, I was hungry to do more and strived for success. I then, got a more permanent role there. But it was a small business, great for me in one way, because it meant I had my fingers in all the pies, gaining crucial industry experience, but bad for me in another, because it meant that when the work stopped coming in, I was made redundant. 
It took me a while to come back from that. I eventually started applying for other marketing jobs, but no matter how many interviews I went on or how many application forms I filled out, no one would take me on. Every single knock back, took a chip at me, until my mental health just couldn’t take anymore and I had to remove myself from a situation that made my self-worth zero. So I took time out and stopped applying to revaluate. 
Whilst I was at my internship, I still kept working my retail job at the weekends so I was able to fall back on that. Suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands, and I wanted to do more. My manager at the time recognised that I wanted more work and took a chance on me, giving me a promotion. I can’t tell you how much faith that restored in me, finally someone thought I could be capable of big things and trusted me to take on responsibility. I worked my arse off to prove I deserved to be in that role and did so until early 2019.

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