6 Fashion Trends I’m Taking into 2020

So 2019 may have been and gone but it’s definitely left behind some killer fashion trends! Last year we saw loads of 90s comebacks from the cycling shorts and oversized blazers to smock dresses and teddy coats. 

Here are some of my fave 2019 looks and items that ill deffo be taking with me into the new decade and where you can still shop them. 

1. The teddy coat


For me the Teddy Coat has to be one of my favourite fashion items of 2019. Probably because I used mine so often and it kept me nice, cozy and warm this winter.

There are loads of variations, from the Teddy Bomber right the way through to Teddy Coats all coming in different colours. 

I got mine from Simply Be. 

It’s probably one of the most practical investments I’ve ever made! Its black for a start, you don’t want to know how many jackets and coats I have in colours that only go with specific outfits! Too many! So when I bought this I went for black knowing that I could wear it for work and it would go with everything. 

It’s a twist on the traditional double breasted coat, only its Teddy and not mohair or suedette. The only difference is its so much thicker meaning its so much warmer and its lined so it keeps the heat in! 

Where to shop the trend

Model wears khaki green Teddy Coat from Evans Clothing

Model wears Yours Clothing Beige Teddy CoatModel wears beige Short Bomber Jacket from In The Style Curve

2. The smock dress

IMG_2337This was a big trend in A/W and it almost became the battle of the ugly dresses. All jokes aside though, I love the trend because there are so many different variations of a smock dress. You can wear them in so many different ways, oh and not to mention the fact they’re comfy as hell and you feel like you’ve just rolled out of bed wearing your nighty haha! 

I got mine from Simply Be

I wore it when I went on holiday to Lanzarote last November and I wear it all the time, now I’m back. But it was ideal on holiday at night because it was cool and floaty but had 3/4 sleeves to keep my arms away from that nighttime chill. 

Now I’m back at home I still get my wear out of it. I wear it with tights, sometimes putting a collared shirt or roll neck top underneath, a blazer and ankle boots for warmth. I’m taking the smock dress with me into 2020 because its just so wearable. It will definitely help me through the awkward transition between winter and spring. 

Where to shop the trend

Woman wearing button down black and white spot dress

Woman wearing green leopard print smock dress

Woman wearing black and white embroidered smock dress from River Island







3. The oversized blazer


I don’t know about you but this oversized blazer and cycling shorts deffo paid homage to Princess Dianna, she was the queen of the cycling shorts. But if like a few people you’re not a fan of the cycling short you could still wear the trend by wearing the oversized blazer as a dress, or buying a blazer dress.

I got mine from Simply Be

The dress is a mini dress so you’ll deffo need tights or leggings unless you want to show your pants to the world! But it’s such a classy timeless look that you can wear over again, ideal for date night and I will deffo be taking it into 2020. It’s a button up dress that nips in at the waist with a tie waist belt. Its also quite multi-functional, as you can actually wear this open as a jacket over jeans and a t-shirt. 

Where to shop the trend







4. Animal print 


This is probably the most featured thing on my blog and on my social media! I don’t think animal print will ever die, it will always make a comeback like a bad smell! There are all sorts of animal print you can get, from your classic leopard to snake skin. But this year saw the return of Dalmatian print – Cruella Deville would be in her element!

Because I really do have so much animal print it was really hard to whittle down which was my fave, so I managed to get it down to two!

I got mine from Next and Evans

This beaut off the shoulder Dalmatian print dress from next! I wore this dress so many times in the summer because its just so pretty and easy to wear! I went for a stroll around a lake and this lady had this beautiful dress on, I didn’t want to be creepy and ask her so I literally just Googled, off the shoulder Dalmatian print dress (Next you really must have your key words done for the gods) and I found it! It was just £25 and I needed it!

Then next was this gorge Dalmatian/splodge print shirt that I was given as part of a paid promotion from Evans, it’s great because it meant that I could take the shirt into work with me! Oh and if I was looking for a jeans and nice top combo, this was deffo my go-to outfit!

I honestly don’t think animal print will ever die, we’ll just see various versions of it, like cheetah, snake and dalmatian print. It’s timeless and I’ll deffo be taking it with me into 2020.

Where to shop the trend

Plus size woman wearing orange animal print midi skirt with military boots

5. Pleather

I think one of the trends I most liked from 2019 was the pleather/leather trend, although there wasn’t much choice if you’re over a size 22.

The trend saw loads of variations of pleather from brightly coloured soft pleather to the most worn black pleather pant or jacket. This pleather trend takes your average items from your wardrobe and makes them a little more special and fashionable!

I ordered so many p/leather pieces to try and most of them were sent back, I so desperately wanted the Jess X Pink Clove pleated leather skirt, and as much as I love Jess and her collection, I remember her mentioning it was a small fit, and recommended going up probably two sizes which wasn’t an option for me! It left me feeling a bit shit to be honest, but then I Googled and found dupes from River Island and Simply Be but none in my size so I looked on eBay!

I got mine from eBay

This midi skirt has all the witchy feels to it and brings out my inner goth, especially with this Yours Clothing Flared Sleeve Top that I was so kindly gifted. For those who know me and probably for those who’ve looked at my Instagram, you can probably tell that I love a midi skirt, especially a plated one, so this was a fashionable take on a much loved item in my wardrobe and I love it! In 2020 I think the leather trend will take a more colourful turn for spring/summer. 

Where to shop the trend







6. Chunky boots 


2019 was the year chunky shoes came back into fashion, if you can remember it first time around they were Steve Madden shoes (or you’ve watched the Wolf Of Wall Street!). Chunky shoes became a must have for 2019, from chunky sandals right the way though to chunky Dr. Martin style boots. It’s a great trend for a plus size gal, cause lets face it they’re hella comfier than stilettos! Plus they’re practical at festivals and in the winter. 

I got mine from Yours Clothing

I  bought these biker style stud boots from Yours Clothing, and they’re super comfy! I wore them everywhere and anywhere, I even wore them on the beach! I’m definitely taking them into 2020 with me, even if it is to protect me from the snow, if it ever comes!

Where to shop the trend