Taking Evans jeans from day to night

So, I’ve always had chunky thighs and a peach of a bum and so finding a pair of jeans that are comfortable and stylish that fit well is tough. 

I’ve bought lots of jeans from various places over the years, but some brands just don’t seem to understand the needs of a plus size woman when it comes to jeans. Often you find fake, or small pockets and jeans without belt loops – which is just not practical!

I’ve always been a big fan of Evans jeans, they just always seemed to fit properly and are made with plus-size women in mind! I can remember the first time I put on a pair of Evans jeans, I’d almost given up on wearing jeans, that when I put them on it was like a real hallelujah moment!

So when the guys over at Evans offered to gift me some pieces of denim, as part of a paid promotion, I was over the moon! I was kindly gifted two pairs of jeans and this is what I thought.

Straight Leg Curve Fit Jeans

The fit and the colour of these jeans gave me serious 80’s mum vibes, and I’m totally here for it! The jeans are a straight leg meaning they’re more of a relaxed fit than a skinny or a jegging. They’re perfect for your everyday casual wardrobe because they’re super comfy, stylish and so easy to wear! 

They are such good quality and you can tell that whoever has designed them has thought about what a plus size gal might need when wearing them.

  • There’s belt loops that go all the way around the waist, that are big enough to fit a (human sized) belt in.
  • The material has a stretch in them, that moves with you so you don’t feel restricted, just comfortable!
  • There’s pockets! 4 phone size pockets so there’s no danger of it falling out and smashing on the floor (I’m talking from experience here!).
  • There’s also little added metallic finishes that makes the denim look expensive, the button, zip and studs by the pockets are all metallic.
  • The brown stitching against the mid-wash denim helps to really give a western vibe making the denim look and feel authentic. 

How would I even wear these jeans though?…

These jeans are super easy to style, for a cool casual vibe turn the jeans up, tuck in your fave tee, whack on a belt and a pair of trainers or pumps. And should you need to make these jeans work from day to night, simply throw on an over-sized blazer and swap your trainers for your fave pair of strappy heeled sandals and you’ve gone from causal-cool to city-chic in seconds!

But what does Curve fit mean?…

In selected styles of denim, Evans do a Curve fit range. Curve fit is great for someone like me, with curvier hips and bum than my boobs and shoulders (pear shaped). So as a pear shape, I normally size-up in jeans to get them to fit over my bum, but this means the waist ends up being bigger than you need it and you end up with a gaping waist. This not only looks silly, but means you end up losing your jeans throughout the day, and no one wants that.

But with the curve fit jeans, there’s none of that! They’re cut smaller around the waist and more generously around the hips and thighs meaning they’ll fit your curves properly and you don’t end up with that pesky waist gaping. They’re a higher rise too, meaning they sit where your waist actually is and not in the middle of your stomach. 

Indigo Stretch Skinny Jeans

I’ve had my fair share of battles with skinny jeans in my time, it’s so hard to find a pair where the material doesn’t feel stiff like cardboard, that don’t dig into your stomach, oh and lets not forget skinny jeans not actually being skinny! 

But these Evans jeans aren’t like the rest, these really are THE skinny jeans and everyone needs to own a pair! If you want to wear jeans (actual jeans) that feel as comfortable as wearing leggings, then these jeans are for you. They are so comfortable I honestly think I could do the splits in them! They’re a high-rise jean so they don’t dig into your stomach, and get this they’re actually skinny, yes even on the ankles.

They’re a deep indigo blue, meaning you can wear them with black or blue. They have expensive looking finishes like a metallic button, zip and studs. There’s also an authentic brown stitching that nicely highlights your curves with the shape of the pockets.

But I thought skinny jeans weren’t made for curvy girls?…

It doesn’t matter how many times people tell me that skinny jeans weren’t made for someone of my size, I’ll still wear them! And honestly, if you listened to all the wives tales about what not to do as a plus size woman, well then you’d never do anything!

How would I even wear these jeans though?…

Not sure what to wear? How about skinny jeans and a nice top? They’re timeless and will always be my go-to for a night out with friends when I just don’t know what to wear. Style them with a smart blouse and a pair of heels and you’re ready to paint the town red! You could wear these jeans with your fave jumper or tee and a pair of trainers to dress the jeans down too!

My overall thoughts and opinions 

Overall I was super impressed with both pairs of denim, both styles will keep me looking super stylish in the day and at night! They are both super easy to wear and so comfortable and have clearly been made with a plus size body in mind. Both pairs are super versatile and you could dress up or down. As we head into Autumn/Winter I have no doubt that they will be staples in my wardrobe!

Although I was gifted these jeans as part of a paid promotion with Evans Clothing, all my opinions are my own!