Men. Who TF asked you anyway?

Plus sized girl looking away smiling with sunglasses on

Im backkkkk! I’ve not posted a blog post in a while and lord how I’ve missed it!

So imagine this, the other night I was out with friends just enjoying myself and letting my hair down. We were walking back to our taxi when a grown man stopped me to comment on my appearance?! Whether he was drunk, ignorant or just stupid it definitely wasn’t okay and it just made me question WTF is up with men, and when did we ask them for their opinions?

Listen, I’m not here to tear men-kind apart because they’re not all self centred arses. And don’t get me wrong women can be catty to each other too, but I’m sick of it! All my life I’ve had to defend myself just because of the way I look and that’s not okay!

Women do not exist to be observed or judged by men. I didn’t ask for that guy’s opinion he just decided to inform me of the thought he had in his head. I don’t know if it’s an ego thing, to tear someone down and make themselves feel better, or if its to make them look and feel tough. But you won’t be surprised to hear that it happens more than you think.

You only need to watch Good Morning Britain to see Peirce Morgan laying into a woman for being fat. Or, Donald Trump, commenting on Carly Florin’s appearance – “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of your next president?”. Its public figures like this that comment on a woman’s appearance, that make it seem okay for all men to do it, when it’s not. 

One thing I do know is, none of these women asked men to comment on their appearance and yet they do it anyway. And that years ago this would’ve seriously knocked my confidence and my self-worth. It would’ve made me hate every inch of my body, and honestly who knows what else. I used to re-tell myself these things because people like this made me think they were true.

But today I know that I’m not defined by how I look. I’m fat, yes. Does that mean I’m a bad person? No. Does that mean I don’t deserve to have a happy life? No. My life doesn’t revolve around my weight and I’m going to live it regardless of what some self-righteous shit thinks. 

So if someone wants to make a comment, let them. Despite what these people say we’re 100% bad bitches anyways, so go out there, live your life and have fun, because honestly they’ll judge you either way!

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