Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

So Christmas Jumper Day (14th of December) is fast approaching and for a lot of work places it’s a way of spreading Christmas cheer and raising money for their charities.

However, as a plus size woman it brings its own challenges. You see just the jumper you want, the right price, the right amount of cheese to sparkle ratio but they don’t have your size. Almost always the Christmas jumper memo is a last minute thing and there’s no time to order anything online so you end up panic buying!

This has happened to me so many times and I’ve bought jumpers from places like Asda and Tesco late at night in the wrong size because I needed one for the next day. I’ve squeezed myself into them in the hope it doesn’t look too bad and tucked them into a skirt so you can’t see just how tight it is.

With five days to spare here is your reminder that if you haven’t got a Christmas jumper or haven’t got one that fits, and you know your work are prone to hold a Christmas jumper day or you just want to be festive, then get one! Chances are if you get an all round generic Christmas jumper you’ll be able to wear it for years to come and save yourself from the annual Christmas jumper panic.

Here are my fave Christmas jumpers and I’ve included a few that are available in local stores just in case you do forget and need a last minute fix!

  1. Evans Clothing Prosecco Jumper

    Evans have really gone to town this year with their Christmas jumpers, really giving us plus size girls some choice! They’re really good quality and such a good fit, they’re also super affordable as their on offer at the minute from £20 so it wont cost you the earth just for one day. If you’re lucky enough to still have an Evans locally to you then chances are they will have a selection for you to chouse from.

    My favourite from them all is this Prosecco jumper, I had a similar one George from Asda and I loved it, but I sadly outgrew it, so I was super happy to find Evans had done something similar and its such a gorgeous quality and so soft.

  2. Girls vs Cancer Christmas puddings Tit-Tee

    These Tit-tees are super cool and stylish and they have such a good cause. 25% of all the money made from the sale of the T-shirt goes to cancer charities. Lauren the Founder of Girls vs Cancer created the platform after discovering that she herself had breast cancer and had no outlet to talk about it. So she started her own website and when that grew decided to create and sell the tit-tee’s to spread breast cancer awareness. The message is so powerful and Lauren definatley gives cancer the F bomb.

    These Christmas puds are fashionable, simple and a reminder to check yourself for lumps. She does these tit-tees in more designs and they go up to a size 22-24, they’re also a relaxed fit so would probably fit a size 26.

  3. Yours Clothing hands off my puds top

    On theme of Christmas puddings this Yours Clothing top is a simple and fun way of adding a bit of Christmas into your workplace. It’s a top not a jumper so it can easily be worn and you wont get too hot in the office. Its super affordable at £14.99 and they stock it in upto a UK size 38-40.

  4. Simply Be having a melt down jumper


    I love this Simply Be having a melt down jumper especially for the work place, there will be numerous days over this Christmas period that I will spend having a melt down as its the busiest time of year for retail.

    Over Christmas shoppers tend to get irate, everywhere’s busy and they’re frantically on a mission to buy everything they need in time for Christmas, so when you’ve ran out of stock of something they might want sometimes customers can turn nasty. So this would be a fun little reminder to those customers to not be rude.

  5. Asos Fair-Isle Jumper DressIMG_6833

    Asos have lots of Christmas jumpers this year and they even have a jumper whereby some of the proceeds goes to their company charity. They had lots of little cute animal motif jumpers and they come in sizes 18-28 so there’s a good range of sizes.

    However, this fair-isle jumper dress struck me as if you’re not a massive fan of all the bells and whistles then its a tasteful way of introducing a Christmas flare, but you can still get away with wearing it after the Christmas period.

  6. Boohoo plus Merry Christmas ya filthy animal jumper


    If you’re anything like me then at this time of year nothing can bring you more joy than watching Home Alone, wrapping presents and drinking Baileys. This jumper comes in sizes 16-22.

  7. George reversible slogan sequin jumper

    Its super cute and you can change it up depending on what level of sass you need. It comes upto a size 2xl (20-22) so if you are last minute then chances are you’ll be able to find something in your local Asda. 

A general rule for Christmas jumpers is if you want to make them look smarter especially for work then put a collared shirt underneath and poke it through the neck or alternatively tuck it into a pencil skirt.

If you’re not totally feeling the full on cheese of Christmas jumpers then head over to my previous blog post to see some outfits with a hint of party and sparkle.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

  1. Love this post! We never wear Christmas jumpers where I work but I’m 100% treating myself to new little number for Christmas Day! I find Asda do some really good last minute ones though🖤

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