Who said black had to be so boring? 4 ways to give an outfit a pop of colour

Plus Size girl seen wearing an all black outfit with block colour (coral) sandals

A lot of you babes feel most comfortable in black, this probably stems from the preconception that black is supposed to be ‘slimming’. But, who cares, you shouldn’t be afraid of introducing colour to your wardrobe in fear of standing out. If you’re unsure or not confident with wearing colours, often, just accessorising with them can really bring an outfit to life.

Block colour accessories such as statement earrings, bags, shoes or even a jacket can really add a bit of sass to an all-black outfit. Statement jewellery is everywhere at the moment, and there really are some earrings out there that could give Pat Butcher a run for her money!

PHOTO: heatworld.com

Not only will adding colourful accessories brighten your outfit as whole, it means you can style it differently and give an old outfit a whole new lease of life. Someone once said to me ‘it’s not about what you wear, but how you accessorise it’ and it couldn’t be truer.

Here’s some of my top tips of how to give an outfit a pop of colour.

  1. Wear some statement shoes! 

    Evans coral block heel sandals for plus sizeBy adding colour at the end of your legs helps elongate the body by drawing the eye down. Wearing an all-black outfit and then a pair of colourful shoes can introduce colour to your wardrobe if you’re unsure on how to wear it. These Evans Orange Knotted Block Heel Sandals are a sure way to give an outfit a trendy feel, team with a coral lip, a pair of coral tassel earrings and your good to go! They’re extra wide fitting, so are super comfortable, often wide-fit can mean sacrificing on style, but these are just gorgeous! Evans stock shoes from a sizes 4-11 offering different width fittings, meaning there’s something for everyone. These have a little block heel so can be worn all day without having to get the gel cushions out.

  2. Throw on a jazzy jacket. 

    Plus size yellow jacket seen modeled by plus size girlI’m a pear shape, so I love a good jacket, this one from River Island Plus, skims over my hips and helps me to look a little more in proportion, by adding colour to the top half of your body it can add volume which is good if (like me) your bust is smaller than your hips. This jacket gives an all-black outfit a pop of colour and you can slip it over literally anything. A jazzy jacket can not only add colour, but it can smarten a look instantly, taking your look from day to night. I must say, I really like this mustard yellow and you see it a lot around autumn, as it mirrors the colours in the season change. I’ve seen a lot of yellows, greens and reds recently mixed with monochromatic stripes. I think this colour palette is inspired by the Gucci influenced tee’s that are everywhere at the moment and I’m loving it.

  3. Sling on a statement bag or purse. 

    Red over the shoulder bag suitable as plus size accessory
    PHOTO: peacocks.co.uk

    Sometimes the simplest accessory can just make an outfit look so much brighter. I like to match bags, shoes and earrings this is so you can see an element of colour throughout the body. This Peacocks bag has been tried and tested and is the best bag for a night out. I have far too many loyalty cards and so I need a huge purse. I hate the kerfuffle of having to swap my purse for a smaller one, just to fit it in my bag, and with this bag I don’t have to. It fits my purse in and then some! It has eyelets on the side for added style and an attached tassel all finished off with chunky gold zips to give it a more expensive feel.

  4. Channel your in Pat Butcher and wear some statement jewellery.

    Statement earrings yellow, green and red suitable accessories for plus size outfit
    PHOTO: primark.com

    I’ve always been a fan of statement earrings the right pair of earrings, like these from Primark, they can bring a little elegance to an outfit and make you feel a million dollars. By adding some jewellery, whether it be earrings or a short necklace around your shoulders it draws the eye up to your pretty face! These are some of my favourites at the moment, a mix of tassel, pom-pom and hoop earrings. There are a lot of places doing different versions of the trend but I’m loving these beauties from Primark, trendy and yet so affordable!


I will just say that there is no right or wrong way to dress and if you feel like wearing all-black and no colour then ROCK IT! There really are no rules! Whatever you feel you’re best in, but what I will say is, don’t hold back on expressing yourself or your fashion through the fear of standing out. You ARE beautiful and anyone that says different is a liar! These little hints and tips are a sure way of experimenting with colour if you’re not used to it in your wardrobe or if you simply want to zhuzh an outfit up. Often trying something new, like a new look, or a new haircut can help you feel a million dollars, and you’ll certainly never know if you never try!

Can we also just give a shout-out to these insane Pink Clove Culottes that I bought from ASOS. Yes you can see my protruding stomach, but so what. I love the whole Culotte trend and I have never found any that fitted as nicely as these. They have a really nice lightweight feel to them but they also have a sheen which makes them appear a little more formal. They’re actually cropped (a common problem for us shorty’s!) and they’re even high rise too, there’s nothing worse than a pair of trousers digging into your stomach and cutting you in Black Pink Clove Culottes bought from Asos seen modeled on plus size girl

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