Things to pack for a plus size city break

Welcome back my lovelies! So it’s May already! I cannot believe how fast this year is going.

I’m so excited that it’s May, not only is it my birthday but this year I get to go to Paris with my other half. He’s planned the trip as a surprise and so I’ve no idea what we’re doing or where were going. So I have to pack for all eventualities.

I usually over pack anyways and take more outfits than days I’m there. But, you just never know when you’re going to need a puffer jacket in summer (just kidding, but you get the gist).

Being a plus size gal, packing can be a challenge anyways, bigger clothes means more weight, so sometimes it’s good to have to staples to take away that you can wear day or night. If you want to learn in more detail how to take a look from day to night with accessories then read one of my previous blog posts who said black had to be so boring.

Let’s get stuck in here are some of my must have’s to take with you on a city break as plus size girl.

  1. Comfy ass shoes.

Let’s be honest you don’t do a lot of relaxing when it comes to city breaks, you have to cram so much in, in one day. Seeing all these beautiful landmarks can be tough on your feet. There’s nothing worse than when you have to be on your feet for long period of time and having ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes on. So be sure to take a pair of comfy ones to enable you to explore all the wonders.

At the moment I’m living for a pair of plain white trainers or pumps like my Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, they go with jeans, culottes and sometimes even a sporty dress. I also bought these Adidas Court Vantage trainers for my trip, let’s just hope they’re as comfortable (don’t worry I will be taking my old faithful’s just in case).


  1. Sexy lingerie.

Shock horror should I suggest that plus size women wear lingerie. But yes us plus size girls are allowed to wear lingerie, you don’t just have to wear wings and be walking down the Victoria’s Secret Catwalk to look and feel sexy.

There’s no greater confidence boost that putting on some sexy underwear gives you. Underwear is a foundation to an amazing outfit so build it well. Even if you’re just putting nice underwear underneath your clothes you’ll know and it will beam through.

If you’re going away to re-kindle some love, lingerie can give you the confidence you might be lacking and it’s something I’m sure your partner will appreciate.

Simply Be at the moment have a killer lingerie #wearecurves campaign and they have some beautiful lingerie, from matching sets to killer body’s and chemises. Their campaign tag is ‘We demand style. We demand fit. No compromise.’ their range is beautiful and offers a lot whether you’re fuller busted or not. A lot of the sexier stuff from the campaign however, only goes to a size 26, which might be disappointing to you curvier lovelies, and doesn’t meet the ‘no compromise’ in their campaign slogan.

  1. A little dress.

Well because you never know. A dress can cool you down on a warm day, or simply give you a look of elegance for a swanky do. My favourite style of dress, because of my shape, is a skater dress. The floaty skirt skims over my hips and the fitted body draws the eye to my waist (my smallest asset).

For some of you girls, especially when there’s lots of walking involved, dresses can be a no-no because of the dreaded chub rub. There are some brilliant products out on the market though that can stop it. I haven’t tried them all, of course, but my favourite so far is the comfort shorts from Evans, they’re light airy and skin colour in case of a Marilyn Monroe moment.

I love this dress from Very I bought it with Paris in mind and thought it was very Parisian Chic. It’s also striped, something a lot of curvy girls would never dream of wearing but sod the rules. To finish the look I teamed with a pair of orange sandals from Evans, and red earrings.

  1. Culottes.

Culottes are this season’s answer to a floaty summer dress, and I’m loving them. They’re lightweight material so will keep you cool when it’s hot. You can wear them casually with a pair of trainers or take them from day to night with a pair of heeled sandals. If like me you love the idea of tucking your top in but are conscious of your hips, simply throw over a jacket to finish the look off.

I love these New Look Curves striped culottes (buy similar here), they really are circus chic.


If you read my last post you’ll have seen me fan-girling about these Pink Clove culottes, that I bought from Asos.

  1. A camera!

Because how are you going to remember a beautiful monument or moment without a photo of it! I love photography, I studied A-level Photography so any opportunity I get to take photos, I cherish! I’m a huge fan of landscape photography and I’m a bit of a nerd if I’m honest. I understand a lot of the technical stuff like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture settings. So I’m really excited to go and take photos of these beautiful landmarks, so I really can remember their beauty. Make sure you keep your camera safe and remember to take a memory card big enough for all your photos. I have a Nikon D3000, its old but it definitely does the job.

  1. Magazines.

Because would a holiday overseas really be complete without a few magazines? I love flicking through to catch up on all the latest trends. I see travelling on an aeroplane as a means to an end to get to a beautiful destination. I’m not a fan of flying so anything that can take my mind off what’s actually going on, then I’m grateful for.

Before you judge, let me just declare my guilty pleasure, puzzles, hence the Take A Break in my magazine stack (yes I really am an old woman at heart).


Can we just take a second to talk about this Vogue cover though.


I’m so excited to see diversity on magazine covers like this. It’s so good to see women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity and to see it on such a high fashion platform, hats off to you Vogue.

  1. A padlock.

One that can fit on your suitcase zip. When travelling abroad you need to be security conscious and to be sure all your prized possessions are kept safe. I don’t know the hotel situation or if there will be a safety deposit box or a safe in the room so I’m taking a padlock. It means you can lock away any important bits in your case.

Packing can be challenging for a plus size girl, so planning your outfits in advance, really could help you. It allows you to see what sits together and what you can mix and match, instead of trying to take everything and finding weird and wonderful ways of tightly packing your clothes.

I will just say that, even though I’m planning way in advance, you can guarantee I’ll forget something. After all, I’m only human! I usually forget something important like my toothbrush or my socks, so wish me luck.

But honestly, just enjoy yourself. Don’t let your weight stop you from doing anything you want to do! And go and live your best life.

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