REVIEW: Soap & Glory Bright + Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask

Soap and Glory sheet mask product seen with other Soap and Glory products reviewed on plus size blog

From Blotchy and Dry to Soft and Fly

Crazy face masks are everywhere at the moment there’s bubble masks, sheet masks, and even glitter masks. A number of Celebrities have been seen supporting a sheet mask from Cindy Crawford to Bella Hadid, so it’s no wonder a sheet mask can have you feeling from zero to Celeb pretty darn quick.

Why Soap & Glory?

I absolutely love Soap & Glory! Their makeup range is A-M-A-zing. I adore their eyebrow pencil Archery 2-in-1 Brow Sculpting Crayon it really is on par with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, so Soap & Glory soon came to mind when thinking about trying one of these crazy masks.

Lets get stuck in: the packaging

Soap & Glory Bright and Beautiful Sheet Mask Review cropped

The mask is stored in a sachet, like most face mask formulas. I love Soap & Glory’s vintage housewife branding, it makes me want to engage my inner babe. I personally love their ‘party recovery’ slogan, and after using it, it would definitely make me feel like a queen again after a heavy night. The only thing I will say about the packaging is that the mask is slippery, and so it’s hard to get out because it’s so deep set in the sachet.

Do they actually fit your face?

It’s impossible to make one sheet mask that is going to fit everyone’s face. Having said that I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t have areas of skin that were left bare. When I first pulled the mask out of the film I was a bit sceptical. The mask was folded up so it was difficult to separate it, however, it didn’t tear so it was made of good stuff. I’m not going to lie; it was tricky to put it on. Every time I’d set it down in one place I’d need to adjust so it would fit elsewhere. It was a little tricky around my eyes, and in hind sight I would’ve probably started there first.

The sachet suggested to leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes, this gave me an opportunity to relax and catch up on some TV. I then removed the sheet and massaged the skin and wiped away the excess.

The outcome: do they really work, or are they just style over substance? 

Before putting on the mask my skin was dry in places and blotchy. I have quite an oily T-zone and often find products too greasy; leaving my skin oilier than when I started. My face is spot prone, so sometimes products can irritate my skin and cause me to break out after a day or two. But this was not the case for the Soap & Glory mask. As soon as I’d taken off the mask my face didn’t feel as tight, and when I looked in the mirror it had reduced my eye-bags. My skin felt soft and moisturised but not greasy. My pores looked smaller and overall my face appeared less red. After a couple of days I didn’t break out and my skin continued to feel soft. It’s definitely something that I will be using again, and I would definitely like to make more ‘me’ time.

Overall I approve of sheet masks; they are a sure way of rescuing your skin if it’s in dire need. However, I will say they are a bit of a fuss but they do give your skin a deep moisture in such a short amount of time. I saw and felt a difference in my skin instantly after removing it and I would definable recommend the Soap & Glory Bright + Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask.

Some of my favourite face masks out there

  1. The Body Shop –Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask
    The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask

    This little lady has and often does work wonders for my skin. As the formula dries on my skin you can see it drawing out impurities. It absorbs oil and reduces the size of my pores. The formula has little pieces of bamboo, charcoal and green tea leaves, so as you go to wash it off it actually works as a natural scrub.



2. Shills – Pore Purifying Peel Off Black Mask 

This mask is the one you see on the social media videos where people are literally crying when pulling the mask off.  It’s a great black head remover and also waxes off any little white hairs you have on your face.





3. Boots – Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

This mask is the cheapest of the three but it still packs a punch. This is great for spot prone skin, it helps get rid of any bacteria that might cause spots. The peel off element helps to get rid of any dead skin cells. It tingles when it’s on and you can actually feel it doing something.

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