This girl can, and did.

Hi you guys and welcome to my blog!

So I had a sudden revelation after an Aqua-aerobics class this week. I realised that my mind-set was stopping me from doing the things I love and it bought me here! I’ve always thought about setting up my own blog and never quite had the courage.

A little background info

I am a plus size twenty something who loves fashion and loves to be creative. I recently started on my journey to become healthier, and I have to say I’m quite enjoying it! I’ve been eating better and trying to exercise at least 3 times a week. However, being plus size and a woman it’s often hard and not free from judgement.

I have attended my local swimming pool for a while and really got into the swing of swimming. Every Thursday I’d see the Aqua-aerobics class go on and always think “that looks fun”, but never had the courage to ask someone about it. But one day I thought “what do I have to lose?”. So, on my way out I saw a self-serve booking turnstile and I booked the class.

…And low and behold I went to Aqua-aerobics!

I had built up in my head that it would be a scary activity, that I would be unfit and unable to follow the steps and would make a fool out of myself. But I LOVED it! Everyone there seemed to be focused on bettering themselves. No one was particularly bothered by my stretch marks or cellulite bobbling up and down in the water. It really was liberating.

The Revelation

I suddenly realised that it was all in my head and that I’d told myself that I couldn’t do something because I was fat. It dawned on me then, what else was I not doing? Was I not living my best life in the fear of being judged for being fat? Well no more!

I had thought about starting a blog before and never had the courage to do it. So this is me saying no to the judgement and yes to my best life, this girl can.

The plus size blogging community has helped me gain self confidence and self love  (something which is still a continuous journey). It’s enabled my passion for fashion to really flourish and hey, why shouldn’t I be able to be apart of that.

You guys can expect to see posts about my life and honest experiences and accounts as a plus size woman. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them.


2 thoughts on “This girl can, and did.

  1. Aaaaa yes 🙌 I just refound my blog for the same reason! Honestly at this point I would rather give a speech about a topic I have no idea about to a stadium vs wear a bathing suit for a workout class even though I love swimming…’s awful! I’m so proud of you girl!!!!


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