My Plus Size Party Packed Ibiza Trip

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. So it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me with work and on top of that I lost my laptop charger (my laptop has all my content on, seriously need a backup copy).  So anyways that’s the reason I’ve been MIA and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to post all about my Ibiza trip, which if you were following my Instagram, you would’ve seen some photos from my trip already.

So I’ve been to Ibiza before and therefore had some idea of what to expect, but I went with my boyfriend before and we did a few nights out but nothing heavy. Whereas this time we did it properly, all of the big clubs (well most of them) and beach parties. I really did have the best time. I went with two girls from college and my bestie.

Being a plus size girl I’ve always had my insecurities and haven’t always been happy with my body, its only recently thanks to all my faves on Instagram that I’ve been able to accept myself for who I am and to not let my body and people’s perceptions of it hold me back. But I was really surprised when my bestie was really self-conscious in a bikini, it just turns out that were all on our own journeys to self-acceptance.

Anyways, we stayed in the San Antonio Area in a Club 18-30 hotel. Our hotel was apartment blocks with a pool, pool bar and an inside bar. The hotel staff couldn’t be friendlier and would be more than happy to do anything for you. Apart from the fact there was music around the pool, I can’t see that the club 18-30 aspect did anything extra for our holiday, if anything I just felt like the reps were pushy and trying to force us to buy tickets in bulk on our entry. We didn’t, as there were only certain tickets the reps could get so we opted to just buy tickets at the hotel bar. It worked out better for us as we hand-picked all of the events we wanted to go. There were no games throughout the day by the pool or nothing to make it fun.

What we did

  1. AmnesiaWe attended two separate events at Amnesia, Abode and Elrow. We got to the club via the disco bus that left San Antonio bus station that run right through until 7am for only 3 euros. Of course we had to have a photo with the big Amnesia bus that’s just standard etiquette. Abode was really good and I really enjoyed the music there as Second City played that night. Abode was more chilled and you could enjoy your own personal space. Elrow was super fun and full of all weird and wonderful carnival style things, dancing monkeys (humans in a costume) on stilts, confetti cannons, clowns and people in fancy dress. But oh my god was it busy, when we first got there it was a little overwhelming, we’d tried getting into the main room and we were like sardines, everyone trying to push past and rubbing up against each other. After a while we went out for some air and when we’d come back in it was more bearable, we could move and just have a good time. Both events we went to started at around 1am and finished into the early morning, so it was hard to stay merry especially with the drinks prices being around 13 euros a drink. I would definitely recommend going to Amnesia if you’re going to Ibiza though.
  2. The Zoo ProjectSo for Zoo Project its just standard etiquette that you are painted as some kind of animal. We thought we’d get someone to do it for us properly so we wouldn’t make tits of ourselves, so we walked to our local ticket shop that did body painting and I have to say it wasn’t the best. So much so, us being true, polite Brits, we paid, said nothing and came back to the hotel to salvage what she had done. And in true me style I rocked my blue beard/sideburn. But oh my gosh Zoo Project was amazing, it was like a little festival with little zones and stages all over the venue. There were also stalls there where you could buy souvenirs food and even get glitter painted!
  3. Ocean Beach for Hedkandi pool party I absolutely loved this event, it really was up my alley. I love classic Ibiza music and Headkandi really did it justice. It was a pool party so there were lots of people just having fun in the sun in skimpy swimming costumes and two pieces. There was also a little stage where you could have a good old boogie if you wanted to. I felt like every time a new song came on I was saying ‘OMG I love this song’. The food and drinks weren’t too expensive either really. I was drinking Kopperberg which was €8 a glass which I didn’t think was too bad in comparison with some of the other clubs. And we shared a 4 person burger platter that worked out at €8 each.
  4. Eden for Bongos BingoThis was my first trip to Bongo’s Bingo and honestly how have I not been to one before?! They are up and down the UK and they’re abroad too, there’s even one in Amsterdam! It was such good fun! I love bingo and dance music so put the two together and I’m in heaven. So Solid Crew played there too! They were great. In true Bongos Bingo madness there was a Christmas song played, someone won a Henry Hoover, a double ended dildo, some Coco Pops and even a dance from Chico. If you want some really lighthearted fun this really is the place for you.
  5. Hii Ibiza for GlitterboxWe went to Hii when the Basement Jaxx were playing there. My mum has a love for dance and so from a young age I loved Basement Jaxx, so to see them live was such a great moment in my life. They really were amazing. It’s so weird how a specific song can take you back to a certain point in your life. I saw a few celebs there too which was odd, I walked past Montanna Brown from Love Island and I was dancing two or three people away from Megan Mckenna but didn’t have the front to ask for a photo.
  6. Cafe MamboBeing a regular Radio One listener I always wanted to go to Cafe Mambo, it wasn’t how I was expecting it to be really. It was just a cafe on the front of the beach where people sat on the beach and listened to the music coming from the bar. But they played some wicked songs and best of all because we’d sat on the beach we could drink our own alcohol. I will say you can sit out on the terrace of Cafe Mambo but there was a minimum spend per person and it was a lot. The most amazing thing about it all though was that you get to watch the infamous sunset that I can honestly say I will never tire of.
  7. Ushuaia for Radio 1’s weekend in IbizaUshuaia was one of the places that I’d wanted to go in Ibiza. My brother had been before and said that if I was to go anywhere it would be there. It’s so atmospheric. We’d gone when it was the ‘Ants’ theme night and there were dancing ants everywhere and confetti canons blasting ants confetti. I obviously thought it was a great idea to stick the confetti on my head all night. There were two stages when we went, and unbeknownst to us the first DJ played on the smaller stage of the two before Radio One was due on the main stage. We were that excited that we just got our drinks and headed to the main stage.

What I wore

I found it really hard actually to find party worthy outfits that were plus size. I wanted some really sassy outfits that my regular sized friends would love. I wanted to make myself feel good by buying clothes that made me feel good about myself. I ended up buying a lot, and only on packing did I realise just how much I’d over bought. But here are some of my faves that made me feel like a million bucks.

Boohoo tie dye body

I loved this and honestly it made me feel so confident. It fitted beautifully and my back fat wasn’t out either thank god. It was a halter neck and really plunging and I actually went outside without a bra on (shock horror) and it was fine and there was no horrible nip slip accidents. I wore this tucked into a high waisted black denim pencil skirt. This black Yours Clothing skirt seriously saved my bacon. I can honestly say that without this skirt my night time outfits would have been ruined. This was my staple piece. It was super comfy and just the right length. These sassy Spice Girl shoes were from Asos (similar here) I fell in love with them, but they broke after the third day I was quite sad about it actually, especially because they’d sold out.

Asos Curve sassy glitter ball dress (obvs not the real description but close).

I actually felt like a walking glitter ball, it really was a dress of dreams. I will just say though it weighed 1kg but it was so worth it. The only thing I will say is if you don’t want to attract any attention (good or bad) then this probably isn’t the dress for you, I had some pretty funny looks.

Koko (Lovedrobe) chain print flared sleeve crop top

Yes us fat girls can wear a crop top if you disagree you’re clearly reading the wrong blog. This was a really slinky jersey material but super lightweight. It had almost like a wrap quality to it without the tie. I wore this top with a high waist skirt.

Boohoo mesh swing dress

I was gonna send this back originally because I thought it was too short. But I kept it in the hope that it was warm enough for me to wear it. And I put it on and I thought sod it. I loved it and I shouldn’t not wear it because of what other people think.

Simply Be pinafore dress.

I loved this little dress so much that I bought it in two different colours.

It’s great in the summer or on hols as a dress and ideal in the winter layered with turtle necks, tights and boots. I styled this with a Boohoo tie dye crop top underneath like a true 90s kid that dropped straight of The Fresh Prince of Bel-lair.

Simply Be fern distressed shorts.

I wore these for both night and day. And they really were a god send for the chub rub. They were long enough so I didn’t have to worry. I go on holiday again in November and will definitely be taking them with me.

Asos Curve mesh red top

I was originally gonna wear this top with a long pencil skirt with taping down the side. But I put my comfort shorts on with my Forever 21 cherry bralette and actually loved this outfit. I teamed it with a sassy pair of Primark sunglasses and I really did feel extra.

I really enjoyed my time but honestly I learned that everyone has insecurities regardless of weight. We’re all on our own journey to self acceptance. Seriously do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself. I honestly thought people would be mocking me for my weight but they didn’t and, even if they did I was enjoying the moment too much that I didn’t care. It just shows that you truly are your own worst enemy, so stop. Seriously stop. Love your body and all it’s capable of and enjoy life and its experiences (its corny I know but) you get one life so enjoy it.

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