REVIEW: IVYVERDURE Anti-chafing stick

So the UK is experiencing a heatwave at the moment and in some places it’s reached over 30 degrees and I absolutely love it. But we all know what it’s like when it’s hot you just want to wear as little as possible to try and stay as cool as possible. Ladies of all shapes and sizes get the chub rub, its just some people get it more so than others.I recently saw the IVYVERDURE anti-chafing stick reviewed on Instagram by Jess Millichamp, she’d worn it initially on a night out and didn’t need to reapply all night. It was relatively cheap at £13 and at the time when I bought it Jess had a discount code which I used.

I’m going to Ibiza in about a months time and the thought of walking around in shorts or dresses worried me because of the dreaded chub rub. Usually I would wear comfort shorts but when I was in Paris I found they were too long under some of my dresses and on warmer days they contributed to me feeling hotter. So when I saw this product I thought what had I got to lose?

A lot of people use other things instead, like roll on deodorant, hair oil and even baby powder. I can’t say that I’ve tried them all, however I have tried using baby powder before, it does work all for about an hour but then you have to reapply and it doesn’t half make a mess.

Initial Thoughts

When it first arrived it came in a non-branded postal bag and when I opened it I remember thinking it looked like a roll on gel deodorant stick. The bottle itself looked cheap and the sticker with the branding on was lopsided so I hadn’t got high expectations. But oh how wrong I could have been.

The smell and texture

It smells beautiful! You know those little lemon sachet wipes you can get from most KFC’s? Well it smells just like that. The formula is a little hard to roll on initially but once it gets going it glides on. The stick itself looks like a bar of organic soap. The texture was a little sticky when it was on and was hard to get used to, but I think that’s how it manages to stay on for so long.

My first wear

I first tried it at work, I work in a clothing shop and so I find myself doing a lot of walking, so I thought it would be a fair trial. I did find myself re-applying in the late afternoon, but I think it was more me being extra cautious if I’m honest. It’s not a problem though because the stick is small enough to put in your bag and so you can take it with you anywhere to re-apply. But it honestly works wonders!

Other uses for it

So this product can also be used on sore, cracked or broken skin to relieve pain or sensitivity. I actually tried this out, I had sore inner thighs due to chub rub and when I applied it first time it really did relieve the pain and stopped further rubbing. Other people have found that it helps when breaking in new shoes and prevents blistering so it has a number of uses. It’s even suitable for Vegans to use!

Overall rating

I rate the IVYVERDURE iRELIEF anti-chafing stick a 4.5 out of 5 and that’s only because the packaging is a little messy!

Girls and guys if you want to live your best summer life and leave the stress of chafing behind then this product is the one! This review is in no way endorsed I’m just so happy with the product that I wanted to share it with you.

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